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About Indian Prince

At Indian Prince, our aim is to prepare world-class delicacies when it comes to Indian dishes. To do this, we incorporate the best recipes as well as using fresh and the best ingredients. Consequently, our meals are savoury. We have also mastered the art of presentation this is because we understand that visual appeal is essential when it comes to food. Thus you end up loving and enjoying our dishes which are the tastiest you have ever taken. On top of this, we offer professional services which have a taste of perfection. Furthermore, our staff is courteous and hospitable. Thus our services are rated as the best in Portlaoise. This status has not come easily since we have been in this industry for a long time. This has enabled us to learn what appeals to customers. Thus we always endeavor to improve our services. In this light, we are always ready to receive your feedback be it in the form of criticism, positive feedback or any queries. You are also assured that we will handle such information with the seriousness it deserves so that we can continue serving our customers satisfactorily.

Indian Prince Restaurant

Our restaurant is located at 16 Kilminchy Court, Portlaoise. You can visit our restaurant physically any day and have a look at our menu and later place your order. You can, however, access our services using our mobile app. To do this, you can download our app from Google Store for Android devices or from App store for all your Apple devices. Once you download and install your app, you can have a look at our menu and later on place your order. We will receive your order promptly and start working on it immediately. You can then visit our restaurant and collect your order. We assure you that by the time you get to our restaurant, your order will be ready. Moreover, we offer delivery services for orders in the restaurant’s locality. Our delivery services are fast and efficient and therefore you will be enjoying your meal in minutes. Give Indian Prince a try today and be rest assured you will never regret enjoying your meal from our restaurant.

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